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Thanks for Everything

What is the defining line between guilt and conviction?

I am thankful for both feelings, whether the definitions are alike or not.

It gives me a feeling of crying so hard, that once I start, I can’t stop.

It’s okay if it messes up my makeup, I don’t care.

I feel as if a weight has been lifted off my chest.

It’s not one of those corny weights that people sigh after…to show their “difficulty”.

A night of that feeling leaves me looking a little like this…


So, I was thinking about the point of swearing. Not just because I never have or will do it, just the idea of it. My mother once told me when I was younger that people swear only because they can’t think of anything of intelligent to say. Even since then, that is the only thought that arises in my head when I hear someone swear. Now I still associate with people who swear since I can think of only a handful of other students at my school who don’t, but I was just thinking of the point. Are they words that mean anger or frustration? Not really. One means butt or donkey. One means female dog. One means poop. One even means pee. Like I don’t understand how such pointless and downright gross words are used in such offensive and hurtful ways. I do not condone the action of swearing, nor will I ever. I was and still am terrified of sounding dumb by the words that come out of my mouth, so I never even dared swearing, as I sound stupid enough without adding those words to my vocabulary. I would feel more offensive to someone calling them (excuse me) retarded, because that to me is just mean. Why make fun of someone else’s condition just to express your anger or frustration? It’s truly pathetic the lows that people stoop to, to get their point across. 

My thought on the matter is, I want to start praising people on what they do well when they are angry at me. Let me think of an example….Okay, so there is a girl that attends school with me and she is honestly the most unkind human I have ever come in contact with. She continually is saying vulgar, hateful things about me and everyone else she comes in contact with. Maybe next time she says something hurtful to me, I will just yell in her face, “YOU ARE AN AMAZING SINGER!


maybe that will work.

Or when I become frustrated with someone and their actions, I will just yell “YOU ARE SO AWESOME AND FUNNY, HAHAHAHAHA!


maybe that will work.

There just has to be a more positive outlook on the action of swearing, like what is the point….really.

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